A hundred years of engineering excellence


We are authorized distributor for the Heinzmann analogue and digital speed governors, power management  systems, dual fuel control systems and complete fuel injection systems for industrial applications, as well as a wide range of accessories and auxiliary equipment.

Founded in 1897, the Joseph Heinzmann works in Dresden originally manufactured steam engines, lathes and turret heads. Our products are used to control diesel engines, gas engines, steam turbines and gas turbines. Electric Drives products are applied where compact, robust and reliable drives are required for movements.


A bi-fuel Control Solutions


Applicable for diesel engine to be converted into Bi-fuel engine, for stationary Genset or Compressor applications and vehicles, for different sized high or low speed engine, for different gas qualities like natural gas, sewage gas, and landfill gas, precise control in diesel mode as well as in gas mode, remarkable fuel cost savings by using gas fuel instead diesel, clear reduction of emissions, easy installation and commissioning, tailored for customer needs.

Bi-fuel client